The science and art of wilderness living (some times called Survival skills or Bushcraft) is something that is being quickly lost from todays society. These important skills are the things which we often need when the world is against us, and life gets tough.

Whether it is a hiking trip that goes wrong, a broken down car out of cell phone reception, a family camping disaster, enhancing a expedition or simply looking to connect with the wilderness at a deeper level, wilderness living skills provide us with ability to take care of ourselves and others when it really matters.

No Wilderness and Bushcraft classes scheduled at this time, please check back.


Uncover the possibilities of beautiful woodlands during this short but full-packed adventure.

The Seattle Adventure Sports wilderness living programs have been built with the highest quality tuition, expertise and locations in mind. Offering you the opportunity to work gain high quality expertise in mostly lost skill sets, often the very things used by our fore fathers as they pioneered their way across America.

Taking learning from sources such as native Americans, African tribes men and Scandinavian elders we will give you the skills, mindset and aptitude to not only survive but thrive in the wilderness


Each year Seattle Adventure Sports selects four people to take part in its rigorous and rewarding Wilderness Living Instructor Training Program.

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