White Water Splash & Crash

From $199

One high intensity day of white water kayaking thrills and spills.

Under the guidance of your expert instructor you will quickly learn to navigate your own kayak on one of Washington’s many white water rivers.  Quickly learning how to have as many huge smiley splashes as possible, and laughter at what is bound to be a few crashes.

9.00am – 4.00pm

No White Water Splash & Crash courses scheduled at this time, please check back.

Coming soon

Coming soon

During this intensive 2-day program you will learn how to use fire for light, heat, cooking, communication and primitive engineering.  Your instructor will teach you how to use fire with purpose, and produce fire in an ever increasing severity of conditions

Your packed course content will cover,

  • Fire safety
  • Leave no trace principles
  • Wood preparation and selection
  • Fire design principles, planning and preperation
  • Fire making by chemical, electrical, solar and of course by friction
  • Fire for emergency signal, warmth, cooking and manufacturing
  • Fire transportation
  • History of fire

Please bring with you clothes that are suitable for the outdoors and will keep you warm / dry for the entire day.  In addition please wear hiking type boots / shoes and bring a packed lunch.

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