Getting the very best service from Seattle Adventure Sports…..

We need your help to ensure that we always provide you with the very best service, coaching and adventures. We work tirelessly on this and simply ask that you book yourself onto programs and classes using the following self-assessment criteria;

1 Kayak Paddle


Do NOT yet have an Eskimo roll

2 Kayak Paddles


Have an Eskimo roll that works reliably on flat water

3 Kayak Paddles


Have an Eskimo roll that works reliably in moderate dynamic water (grade 2-3 white water, surf up to 3 feet, gale force 3 sea state)

4 Kayak Paddles


I have a bomb proof Eskimo roll in ALL conditions and can not recall my last swim. I am an active and positive group member, who places a high degree of attention to my fellow paddlers.

1 Canoe Paddle


I have a reliable basic skill set on sheltered water, and can paddle both solo & tandem

2 Canoe Paddles


I am progressing nicely with my paddling and am at polished British Canoe Union 2* standard in a canoe. I understand & actively apply trimming and edging, to ensure my canoe performs at a higher standard in a variety of flat water conditions.

3 Canoe Paddles


I have completed 2 or more short day and over night expeditions. I am competent paddler in the bow, stern or paddling solo on moving water and in force 2 winds.

4 Canoe Paddles


I have considerable experience in canoes, having completed 1 or more 7day+ expedition. My paddling partners look at me in awe as I finesse my canoe on grade 3 white water and in force 4 winds. I am completely competent whether I am in the bow, stern or paddling solo in these conditions

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