BCU White Water Safety & Rescue

From $75

A 2-day course which is a must for all paddlers who paddle white water.

The main drive of the course is prevention, however, it will include solutions as well.

This practical based training allows you to apply new techniques and explore their limitations with a watchful eye to keep you safe.

The WWSR training course is designed for all paddlers operating in a moderate to advanced white water environment in either kayak or canoe.

In addition, the training is required for those seeking their 4 star leader (white water or open canoe) award.

No BCU White Water Safety and Rescue courses scheduled at this time, please check back.

Coming soon

Coming soon


  • Paddling gear and safety equipment
  • Group dynamics
  • Safe and aggressive swimming / self rescue
  • Shout, reach and throw bag rescues
  • Use of a harness
  • Attaching to anchors, belays and simple vector pulls
  • Live bait rescue techniques
  • Equipment retrieval
  • Kayak and canoe


  • Moving water experience
  • Ability to swim
  • Over 16 years old

Paddlesports – Get Started

From $75

Welcome.  Two hours spent in any craft – quite possibly your first time in a boat. This ‘Get Started’ session will lay the groundwork for a potential lifetime of paddling – a solid foundation is a must, and this fun session is all about building confidence and comfort on the water. We offer classes in Seattle and on the Eastside, so sign up for a class that is convenient for you!

No Paddlesports – Get Started courses scheduled at this time, please check back.

Coming soon

Coming soon

No matter the weather, this will be a fun day on the water. One of our internationally certified instructors will carefully plan your day to ensure that you learn a lot, have huge amounts of fun, and stay safe! Our instructors do their best to meet your specific needs within a safe framework.

This is an adventure by choice day, which means that you don’t need to get in the water if you don’t want to! However, you will be in a canoe or a kayak, and you will be in charge of your own stability. A fall-in can happen on occasion!

Please bring the following with you to ensure maximum fun on the water:

Light weight Waterproof Coat
Old Shoes / Gym Shoes
Complete change of clothes (no denim or cotton please)
Hat / Sun hat
Sun Screen
Any needed medication

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