Welcome to  midwinter break in Seattle- and there is snow today! There are so many exciting things happening with Seattle Adventure Sports at this moment- I hardly know where to begin. We’ve just recently hired our first Program Manager, Josh Brandt. He has stepped from the field position of Lead Instructor into the office – but you’ll still be seeing him in the field helping with trainings and promoting Seattle Adventure Sports. Welcome Josh!

School Program Growth

Our programs are expanding- great news! We are in schools from Queen Anne to Shoreline, Ballard to Kirkland- and beyond! If you think your neighborhood school would like us to bring our program to you, please introduce us to the PTA or PTSA. We’d love to join your community.

Our SAS Family is Growing!

Seattle Adventure Sports was founded in 2015, had one employee (just Don) until April 2017, and now we have 10 employees with more coming on board monthly. What does a Seattle Adventure Sports Instructor look like? We are a group of people who offer safe and fun outdoor learning opportunities to all. If we were to describe ourselves, we’d be:

  • Extroverted
  • Outgoing
  • Enthusiastic for life & people
  • Solves problems & enjoys doing it.
  • A people person
  • Not afraid to get dirty

If you or someone you know sounds like that and would like to join our team, please contact us here.

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