Axe & Knife Greenwood Carpentry

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The axe is one of the main tools used to ensure success in a wilderness setting, along with the saw and knife.  While many axes are available to use in modern times, the importance of knowing how to manipulate an axe that can be carried on a multi day expedition is the most vital skill you can use.

Nothing is more satisfying than eating a meal using a spoon that you have carved, drinking from your hand made mug, paddling a canoe with your hand crafted paddle or even relaxing in your wood crafted chair.  During this full two day program you will get to learn the skills and actually build your own green wood carpentry project.

The success of this program is huge, many clients return 3, 4 or even 5 times to learn more in this huge area of wilderness living.

9.00am – 4.30pm

Axe and Knife Greenwood Carpentry courses scheduled at this time, please check back.

Coming soon

Coming soon

During this busy two days, you will learn how to use your axe in remote locations where one accidental slip with this important tool can easily lead to disaster when hours or days away from medical care.  During this must attend weekend you will learn;

  • Axe selection
  • Axe maintenance and sharpening
  • Safe axe usage
  • Felling, Splitting, Brashing, Snedding
  • Carving a bowl & / or spoon using axe, knife and hook knife
  • The axe and fire
  • Knife skills for wilderness living
  • tree identification to ensure a successful outcome for your chosen green wood carpentry project.
  • Green wood working tools, maintenance and safety
  • Project design
  • Preparing, carving, shaving, shaping, sculpting, finishing your project

There is the option to stay over for the night with the delivery team in a wilderness shelter, enjoying some fine food, fire chatter and thoughts on future projects and expeditions.

Please bring with you clothes that are suitable for the outdoors and will keep you warm / dry for the entire day.  In addition please wear hiking type boots / shoes and bring a packed lunch.

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