It is Seattle Adventure Sports’ mission to increase the number of people who benefit from spending time it the great outdoors.  By increasing people’s skills and knowledge, Seattle Adventure Sports ensures that people can access the outdoors with confidence, safety, and responsibility, often being able to share it with those who previously may have not been able to easily access it.

Seattle Adventure Sports does this through:

  • Offering high quality programs for adults, youth,  schools, and companies
  • Encouraging all to take heightened responsibility for themselves, others, and the environment
  • Ensuring that managing safety is at the core of everyone’s responsibility when engaging in any outdoor experience
  • Delivering all its programs using the highest quality teaching, guiding and instruction techniques available globally
  • Providing industry leading stewardship to the wider adventure sports community, encouraging all who access the outdoors to up their game in all aspects of what they do.
Seattle Adventure Sports offers CPR and first aid training delivered at your workplace or office.  Our highly qualified instructors offer American Heart Association Heartsaver CPR  /  American Heart Association CPR for the BLS Provider.


Winners do and ……
We will always go above and beyond to be leading the adventure sports industry, providing you with the very best of experience available globally, all while always going that extra mile to do more for you

Every one who enters the outdoor sport environment needs to take 100% responsibility for themselves and the impact they have on others and the environment about them.  This is core to our business being and at the center of everything that we do.

Safe, Fun, Learning
We will do everything within our control, to ensure that your safety is at the core of all practices.  This does not mean avoiding risk, simply assessing it and working within parameters to ensure you have a HUGE amount of FUN while you learn with the worlds best instructors in the worlds best locations

Clients first, syllabus second
Everything we offer has a plan, however the need of YOU the client comes first.  Our Instructors & Coaches are renowned worldwide and therefore will meet your direct need, even if it does mean placing the syllabus second to do so.

We will work to ensure that you are on the path to your version of excellence, and provide every opportunity to ensure that you get there.  Every single element of our program’s and our entire workforce are also on the same journey as you are in the pursuit of excellence, leading the adventure sports industry in professionalism and continual learning to ensure YOU ALWAYS GET THE VERY BEST. PERIOD.

Leave No Trace
Everything that we provide will have a minimal to zero impact on the environment, following the well written ‘Leave No Trace’ guidance.  We will ensure that as a business we are innovative in our environmental policies to further reduce our impact on the world


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  • Community
  • Adventure
  • Outdoors
  • Structure
  • Active 
  • Lifestyle
  • Empowerment
  • Personal Growth
  • Safety
  • Internationally Accredited Coaches & Guides

Seattle Adventure Sports is an Outdoor Community, developing personal growth, empowerment and an active lifestyle. By introducing adventure through structure, we can safely provide a learning environment for all ages and abilities.  Our team of internationally accredited coaches and guides can and will deliver safe, instructional, and most importantly fun current and updated curriculum to help you maximize your personal growth and get you set for your next adventure. Join us and experience adventure

Internationally Accredited Coaches and guides develop individualized coaching plans to the specific student



Rob is a born adventurer who loves nothing more than seeing people enjoy and excel in the great outdoors. Originally from the United Kingdom, Rob has had the opportunity to experience true adventures in every continent on the planet, with the exception of Antarctica. These have ranged from him completing a white water kayak first descent in the Himalayas and Uganda, Sea Kayaking around the United Kingdom, Hiking across Norway and climbing mountains in the European Alps. Whether it is an adventure or expedition that is for him or one in which he is expertly guiding a group of clients – Rob simply loves everything that outdoors has to offer.

As an internationally recognized industry leader, Rob has a wide range of high level qualifications from professional organizations such as the British Canoe Union and UK Mountain Leader Training Board. Rob specializes in the training of adventure sports guides & coaches and has a passion for the pursuit of excellence which is infectious. Whether it is becoming a master of your adventure sport for weekend fun or training to complete a major expedition, coaching with Rob will ensure your success.

Quotes from Rob’s recent clients;

“Hello Rob,

Just wanted to tell you that the British Canoe Unions Coach Level 1 was simply one of the best programs I have ever participated in period.  

The level of information, knowledge, learning and engagement from you was amazing, and I left the program truly feeling confident I can now deliver a meaningful training session that won’t put folks to sleep.

I wish it had lasted longer than 4 days so we could have had some time to go for a spirited paddle on the river.

I intend on seeing you again very soon!”

“Hi Rob 

Nothing can quite describe the amazing expedition which we have just come back from. It had everything I had expected and at least double more! From your coaching & guiding, to the wilderness skills, to the AMAZING scenery, it had everything AND I WILL BE BACK.

Rob somehow you expertly allowed us to have our own adventure, to develop our own thought processes and really be a true part of the expedition. All within a safe, friendly and beautiful context.

Your insights and tuition made for not only the best paddling expedition I have ever been on, but also has seen a true progress in my skills with several barriers I have been battling with for ages now being removed. I don’t think that THANK YOU is a big enough to express my gratitude for this amazing expedition! What’s next coach?”


Don was born and raised in boats and the sea- and his life reflects that. Never far from water or wilderness, Don was born and raised in Seattle, and is intimately familiar with all the wonder of the Pacific Northwest and beyond. Don has been fortunate to lead expeditions from Alaska to Patagonia to Scotland-trekking, canoeing, or sea kayaking, Don excels at leading clients in the wonders that surround us in this world.

Don is recognized internationally for his coaching, and holds multiple international qualifications. For Don coaching is an ever evolving passion- each threshold shows more opportunities to grow and help others realize their passion- whether the weekend warrior, expedition master, or high level athlete- Don will be there to help you accomplish your goal.

Introducing kids to sports at an early age is key to maturation, personal, and social development.  The Pacific Northwest is a veritable paradise of outdoor activities, and our Youth programs will introduce your son or daughter to a world and a lifetime of adventure.


Are you going to be the best?

YES – then we may have the perfect job for you.

We are always on the look out for people who are AMAZING people people, love the great outdoors, can offer adventure everywhere no matter what the location and are willing to continually grow excellence of what you do. Still interested? Then check out our website, blogs, resources, programs, maybe attend a program or two and even consider interviewing us!

From our side we have world-class industry leading expectations of every person who works for us. We will support, guide and coach you to become a world-class adventure sports professional, visibly leading the industry globally, delivering exceptional service to your Seattle Adventure Sports clients and exceptionally astute business person. Employment packages range from occasional freelance on a set program / hourly wage to Program Manager on a permanent salary with profit sharing, full benefits, training budget and vehicle.

Send us a resume and cover letter.  We’d love to meet you!

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